Here at Me Time Functional Training we offer a unique service like no other. Our main aim is to help you become Physically Fit and Mentally Strong. We have flipped the quick fix, fad diets and fitness trends and instead work to help you create energy and a mindset to eat well, deal with stress, and get things done through the power of exercise without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. When you do this, you Achieve total Well Being.

Colm, co-owner, has obtained immense passion for personal development and helping people reach their full potential. After struggling with his dyslexia, Colm was an early school leaver, which affected his self-confidence and self-belief in his teens and early twenties. Over the past 5/6 years Colm has allocated 1-2 hours per day to focus on Personal Development and Mindset, setting goals going out of his comfort zone and achieving tasks. During that time, while travelling Australia and New Zealand, Colm took on new sports, changed career and realised that no challenge is too big when you are willing to work for it.  “Stop talking to yourself and start listening to yourself”.

Jane, co-owner, is a passionate leader who has changed her lifestyle over the past ten years. As an active child, Jane was involved in team sports. In her teenage years, however, she struggled with low confidence and self esteem and began comfort eating, which resulted in weight gain. Re -introducing exercise to her weekly routine, changing habits and her awareness of triggers for comfort eating, she learned how to manage a balanced lifestyle. Now her passion is to help you see exercise as a feeling, food as energy and find a balanced lifestyle that suits you.
Together, we are passionate about helping people and also understand you as an individual and what works best to help you achieve your goals.

We changed our lives to achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Why not change yours?

Work Experience
  • Freelance Personal Trainer (Monaghan)
  • Gym Instructor/Personal trainer (Life and Soul, Broome, Western Australia)
  • Beach Squad small group trainer- (Life and Soul, Broome, Western Australia)
  • Personal Trainer and small group Functional Trainer- (Finesse Fitness, Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • Spin and Bootcamp group instructor (Elite Bootcamp, Castleblayney, Monaghan)
  • Senior Occupational First Aid
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (Fitcert)
  • Personal Training Level 4- (Onfit Training College, Australia)
  • Circuit Training Instructor (Active IQ)
  • Gym Instructor Cert Level 3  (Active IQ)
  • Honours Degree Community Sports Leadership (Dundalk IT)
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