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Colm is a very inspiring, energetic, and enthusiastic coach/speaker, he speaks from a place of honesty, integrity and shows vulnerability through sharing his adversities in life and the resilience he has developed in his own personal and professional life experience. His goal is to help your team understand their basic human needs, by doing this it creates a sense of fulfilment which will be expressed through both personal and professional lives.


A team is defined as two or more people trying to achieve the same common goal or outcome. Our workshop is designed to educate teams on practical skills to build an environment based on trust, psychological safety, empathy and inclusions which leads to improved team performance.

Current corporate research shows that when it comes to working with teams it is less about who is on the team and more about how the team works together. Our workshops are designed to develop higher levels of emotional intelligence for your team to overcome the obstacles/adversities with ease and create a healthy positive environment.


Ireland currently has one of the highest levels of obesity and mental health in Europe. Although the 21st century has brought great innovation to many areas of business, unfortunately we have left behind educating people on the basic fundamentals of physical and mental well-being. With quick fixes and fad diets being a driving force in health. We now know for a sustainable lifestyle this is a short term solution. Also, traditional psychology has focused on what is “wrong” with people and what needs to be “fixed,” or even rooting around for problems to dwell on. 

Colm’s philosophy is educating people on how to meet their human basic needs. By doing this it will help to harness your team/individuals strengths, in order to improve health behaviours they need to address.


Colm is a certified executive coach and provides executive coaching to Leaders, Teams and corporations who want to thrive and be successful.

When working with a team/individual Colm specialises in developing powerful executive presence, influence, and engaging skills in leaders such as Self Awareness, Communication, work ethic and empathy. By doing this his clients become more confident and courageous, who can negotiate difficult relationships, improve management, and build teams that deliver.


3 out of 10 Adults are reaching the recommended level of Physical activity levels, we all know the benefits of daily exercise for both our body and mind. This is challenging in the chaos and busy lifestyles we live today “ I don’t have time” is the go to excuse for skipping exercise. One of the ways to help employers and employees to find more time and prioritise physical activity is to educate both the physical and mental benefits of exercise in a fun time effective and sustainable way.




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“I really enjoyed the 4 week coaching journey with Colm and found it very beneficial. My main goal was to work on my confidence and self love. It made me aware of my strengths and gave me strategies to work on what I’d like to improve in myself. It made me aware that my confidence had actually begun to grow before and definitely continued to grow during this. Colm is such a friendly and helpful coach and makes you feel at ease. I feel that in just 4 weeks I’m definitely closer to achieving my goal of boosted self-esteem so thank you very much!”

“I had the pleasure of first working with Colm as a well-bring coach during lockdown 1.0. It was an extremely personal and fulfilling experience. It was the first time that I had taken time as a working mother to focus on myself. Colm’s positive nature and innate ability to make you feel comfortable speaking about yourself and topics that you would normally feel uneasy talking about is uncanny. My sessions with Colm have allowed me to become more confident in myself. Colm encouraged me to believe in myself as a person and to remember that I am enough. I cannot recommend Colm’s services enough. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting never mind working with in a professional capacity.”


“I can not recommend Colm enough for his 1:1 Wellbeing sessions. He approaches each session in a friendly and professional manner which makes you trust Colm and feel very comfortable in the environment. He has great strategies to help with mindset and personal growth and recommends great reading also. I think Colm’s greatest gift is his ability to listen without judging and for this I feel very grateful.”

Jane H

“Last July after losing my job, a family bereavement and an inactive few months I joined Me Time to improve my fitness levels. While I not only succeeded in doing this thanks to my 1:1 wellness sessions with Colm I also changed my outlook on life in general and my self worth. Thanks again Colm.”


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