Take back control of your fitness, health & happiness today

If you are stuck in a rut, not feeling good in your clothes and want to improve your lifestyle or lose weight in a progressive and inspiring way you need to look no further.

We help you by sharing our experiences and expertise using real life tips and strategies to live a life full of fulfilment.

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What We Can Help You Achieve In Just 6 Weeks



Lose weight, feel your clothes get looser, your body get leaner and your confidence soar!



Regular exercise in our gym will help you feel great and reduce those anxious thoughts and feelings. Our gym mentors will help you look at why you eat what you eat, and how to break those bad habits.


In this modern world, our confidence is dented everyday by unattainable body images which can make us feel inferior and unlovable. Jane and Colm strive to help you develop more confidence, more resilience and help you love yourself and your body more every day!

Our mission is to educate you on the basic fundamentals of Exercise, Food and Mindset which will result in a Fitter, Healthier and Happier lifestyle.  We provide you with all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost.

We are passionate about teaching our clients the 5 step strategy that has helped change both our lives and the clients we have worked with over the past 3 years. These can represent the 5 fingers in your hands:

  1. Thumb representing our EMOTIONAL STATE – What mood are you in when you eat the foods you eat?
  2. Index finger representing FOCUS – Are you focusing on the results you got in the past and the stories you tell yourself or the results you really want?
  3. Middle finger identifying MEANING – What does it mean to you to achieve your goal why is it important and what is at stake if you don’t take action?
  4. Ring finger represents RELATIONSHIPS – First identify the relationship with yourself is it positive or negative?  If its negative, usually that is what we bring to the people closest to us.
  5. Little Finger representing STRATEGY – Sometimes when we have big problems we feel we need big solutions, when some of the smallest of strategies can get us the biggest results.

Remember progress over perfection.This strategy has proven to help people get long lasting results.”Oh by the way, we just happen to change people’s lives”.

People We Have Helped

Take back control of your Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Its time to invest in you.

Why choose us…

Your Personal experience

We have bridged the gap between your high end person trainers at €40-€50 a session and your €1 a Day Gyms full of mirrors and equipment that make you feel uncomfortable and intimidate you. At Me Time we offer all the benefits of  personal training at a fraction of the cost and mentoring for tailored individual results.

A Safe Environment

In Me Time we are your gym family. We accept you for all lumps and bumps and cast no judgement or make assumptions about your fitness. Everyone at Me Time is here to support you and help you develop a body and mind you will love.

Your Me Time

Everyone needs some “Me Time” those 45 minutes has proven to energise you and make you feel healthier and happier putting you in a better position to love and support the people you care about.

Take back control of your Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Its time to invest in you.

What’s included in this program?


Personal Training

Unlimited sessions with a flexible timetable of 24+ sessions per week all only 45 minutes long which start and end on time to suit your busy lifestyle. Suitable for beginners and new to exercise.

1-1 Health and Wellness Coaching

2 x private 1-1 Health and Wellness coaching session where we guide you through assessing both your physical and emotional state. Educating you on maintaining a healthy mindset/building healthy habits, while working with you every step of the way until your goals are accomplished.

Nutrition Specialist

Our highly qualified professionals offer you 7 day a week sustainable meal plans (recipe included) that is takes a different approach to your quick fix and fad diets and allows you to eat healthy and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.


Take back control of your fitness, health & Happiness today. There are limited spaces available on this program. We can guarantee to help you change your lifestyle, but you must be 100% committed.


  Other ways Me Time Training’s way
Personal trainer €40 x3 p/w €-
Nutrition coach €50 x1 p/w €-
Life coach €50 x1 p/w €-
  €210 per/week €41.99 per/week

ALL FOR ONLY – €239 upfront or €41.99 weekly flexi option


Take back control of your Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Its time to invest in you.

I (Jane) took charge of my own weight issues through changing my relationship with food and exercise. With positivity and perseverance, I learned to love my new fitter, healthier body and developed a positive mindset around food and exercise. Colm has obtained immense passion for personal development and helping people reach their full potential. Taking on new challenges and a career change to the fitness industry made him realise that no challenge is too big when you are willing to work for it.

Colm and I, and our wonderful team have helped hundreds of people make healthier choices through nutrition, exercise and mindset, and we can help you too.




  • You can read this and say ‘Maybe I’ll try it after Christmas, I’m just too busy to commit to it now. School, kids, parents, family…’, the list of excuses goes on and on.
  • When was the last time you put yourself first, made yourself a priority?
  • When was the last time you got home from work or from a day taking care of the kids without feeling completely wiped out?
  • The reason you’re tired is because you’re not exercising and eating right! The reason you can’t close the top button on the jeans anymore is because you don’t put your health first.
  • What will it be like in another year’s time?
  • How unhealthy will you be?
  • How much weight will be on your bones?
  • Will the top button on the jeans still close?




How long are the classes?

45 minutes, which start and end on time. As time is the most popular reason people do not exercise we have made everything about Me Time Training time effective.

How many times per week should I attend classes for results?

This totally depends on your goal, for general health/well being and weight loss, 3 x 45 minute workouts is enough.

Do I need to be fit to join your classes?

Absolutely not, we have all our exercises on screens so you can visual see what to do and our instructors help adapt the exercise to suit you.

Do I have to commit to yearly subscriptions?

All our challenges are either 6 or 12 weeks our monthly membership is a 30 day notice policy which gives you flexibility.

Take back control of your Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Its time to invest in you.

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