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Me Time Training is an empowering community lead by owners Jane and Colm and their amazing team of Health and Fitness experts all of which have the same passion and that is to provide a space for you to come and enjoy exercise no matter what fitness level, shape or size you are in a fun, friendly and judgement free zone to enable you to enhance your own Health and Wellbeing and receive all of the following and much more.


We have ditched “quick fix” and “fad diets” and instead we work to empower and educate our clients on the importance of sustainability and life long results. This way you feel more energized and enjoy the journey you are on.


Today’s society we live in has set unrealistic body image and weight lifting expectations, creating a body-shaming culture, one of the many reasons why anxiety is a huge issue in Ireland today.


It is a challenging task to get people to understand their self worth as we tend to put ourselves last, but we have noticed a good progress and we are happy to be part of this gradual mindset change.


Me Time Training was established and grown with the mindset that exercise can give people a feeling and energy that no medication or therapy can offer. We create a fun, friendly and judgement free environment so you feel better leaving then you did on arrival.


We believe everybody needs a third place in life so we work passionately to sticking to the basics. No mirror on walls, greeting clients by name, touching base regularly and understanding the diversity of reasons why people exercise.

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“Can’t recommend Jane and Colm and all the other instructors enough. They are highly qualified and extremely motivating but most of all, they make it fun and interesting. At first you dread going in but once you get there it’s just magic, you actually don’t realize how quick the class is and that’s it, you’re done for the day and feeling great. There’s great team spirit, everyone supports each other.”


“I am the fittest I’ve been in years thanks to Me Time Fitness. Jayne, Colm and their trainers really care about their clients and they take a holistic approach to fitness! I might go into the gym feeling stressed but I always leave feeling so much better. Even during lockdown their online classes were a beacon of light in my house.


“Highly recommend Me Time Training. Great atmosphere, quality training and with classes different every day it allows you to get a full workout over the course of the week. All the staff are very helpful and guide you on each exercise to ensure the best results are achieved. Thanks to Colm, Jane and all staff.”


“Did I ever think I would be excited about ANY type of training?? Never…did Me Time Training do that for me….yes they did! Love being able to book classes and know my plans for the weekend. Support is always there, never a bad word said, only MOTIVATIONAL.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the first step to get started?

Please use buttons above to book your first class or 1-1 consultation to talk to one of our professionals on best steps for you to get started.

Who is Me Time Training suitable for?

Me Time training is suitable for beginners, new to fitness, people who have Gym anxiety or someone looking to improve their quality of fitness and health.

How long are your fitness sessions?

All sessions are approximately 40-45 minutes which start and end on time.

What type of fitness sessions do you provide?

Our sessions vary from Cardio, Strength and Conditioning and Boxercise. All exercise can be varied according to your fitness needs and you never do the same workout twice.

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