Me Time Training have created a unique one stop shop for ALL your Fitness, Health and Wellness needs.

Personal Training

Helping you feel good is our main priority with exercise, we understand people exercise for different reasons so we bridge the gap between high end personal trainers and your €1 per day gyms and adapt to your needs in a fun, friendly and judgement free zone.

1-1 Health & Wellness Coaching

Our professional Health and Wellness coach will guide you through assessing both your physical and emotional state. Also looking at a healthy mindset/building healthy habits, while working with you to achieve any of the following Weight loss, Reduce stress/anxiety, build self esteem, eat better and feel good.

Nutrition Specialist

Our highly qualified professionals offer you 7 day a week sustainable meal plans (recipe included) that is takes a different approach to your quick fix and fad diets and allows you to eat healthy and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Take back control of your Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Its time to invest in you.

“I would highly recommend Me Time Training! The workouts are fun, yet challenging, with plenty of variations to adapt to different fitness levels. The team is very motivational, positive and friendly. Even during lockdown you can feel the community atmosphere!”

Main Benefits

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress/anxiety
  • Build self esteem 
  • Eat better
  • Feel good
me time training
Together we both are passionate about helping people and also understand you as an individual and what works best to help you achieve your goals.

We changed our live to be a healthier balanced lifestyle, why not change yours.

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