What is Me Time Functional Training?

Me Time Training is a unique fitness experience where we focus on.
Fitness – We offer real result-based Fitness Training, giving you a personal training experience for a fraction of the cost.
Mindset– We want to know why you are training, by offering  one – one goals setting consultation we help you think towards the goal you want in a fun, friendly and motivational environment.
Lifestyle– We have a flexible timetable with up to 24 classes per week all classes are 45 minutes which start and finish on time to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Gain energy to balance work, time with your family or kids and allow time for yourself.  (GUILT FREE!!)

“At Me Time you can train, feel good in yourself and maintain a balanced lifestyle.”- Sharon Lovie

Me Time uses Functional Training is designed to train the body for activities performed in daily activities.

Main Benefits:

  • Lose weight / burn body fat
  • Build strength including core strength and mobility
  • Switch off and allow head space
  • Improve General Fitness
  • Feel Fit – toned/lean

Together we both are passionate about helping people and also understand you as an individual and what works best to help you achieve your goals.

We changed our live to be a healthier balanced lifestyle, why not change yours.

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